Motel Rules & Regulations

* Motel is a non smoking facility.

* Please be aware of social distancing protocol. When possible stay 6 feet from other guests.

* Pets are not allowed on property. This includes emotional support animals.

* For the safety of others, please NO Bike Riding, Scooters, Roller Blades or

Skate Boarding on premises at any time.

* Please NO Loud Music. Please have courtesy for the other guests. Wildwood Crest

has an 11 PM quiet hour ordinance, which is strictly enforced by the motels and police.

* Please NO Running on Decks or in Pool Areas.

* Please No Towels, blankets, or clothing on Railings.

* Use trash receptacles in order to keep Seagulls from eating food left out.

* DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS!! They carry parasites & diseases, therefore, feeding

them is unlawful & strictly prohibited.

* Please close all windows and doors when air conditioners are running. AC will stop running

automatically if front door is open for more than 10 minutes.

* Leave air conditioners on low when leaving the rooms.

* Additional items such as extra towels, pillows or blankets may be requested by

calling the front desk.

* Please put shower curtain inside the tub when showering.

* Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items or valuables left in the room. Please

use the in room safe.

* One parking spot per unit. Parking is at a premium at the Shore. Please park

between the lines so as not to use two spaces for one car. This will assure proper parking accommodations for you and other guests.

* All cars must have parking tags hanging in the car. Any car not displaying parking ticket will be towed at owner’s expense.

* When checking out, please leave key at front desk.

* Anyone having guests must register them at the office.

* Towels & blankets may not be removed from the premises.

( NJ State Law constitutes this to be a misdemeanor)

Fire Information

. Please, for your protection; locate the fire exits and stairwells closest to your room.

Exit signs indicate stairwells. In case of a fire, Do Not use the elevator.