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Wildwood Crest Beach

Wildwood Crest BeachJust a few steps from our resort, the Wildwoods beach is the cleanest and largest on the east coast. With it’s miles of white sands, there’s plenty of room for everyone to spread out and relax. Or beat the crowds and get back in touch with nature with one of our pre- or post-season specials.

Wildwoods Boardwalk

Wildwoods BoardwalkThe Wildwoods Boardwalk (known to many as “America’s Boardwalk”) is world-famous for it’s sprawling stores, carnival-style games, amusement piers and water parks. It needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Just a few blocks from our resort, the Wildwoods Boardwalk is a short walk or quick trolley ride away.

Morey's Piers & Waterparks

Morey's PiersThe Morey’s 3 amusement piers and 2 water parks offer enough fun and excitement to fill up a family vacation all on their own! Strewn throughout the Wildwoods Boardwalk, the piers offer extreme rides, classic rides, kiddie rides, games of chance and skill, and some serious water slides for kids and adults.

The Wildwoods Convention Center

Wildwoods Convention CenterIf there is an event in town, it’s being hosted at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Designed in the classic Doo Wop style that Wildwood Crest has become famous for, the Convention Center plays host to a myriad of events, all year long. The Center is less than a mile away, and is accessible by foot, bike, trolley or automobile (there’s ample parking available).

Restaurants, Eateries, and Bars

Wildwood Cheese SteakPerhaps we’re biased, but we think Wildwood outshines even Philly when it comes to cheese steaks (yes, we said it). And pizza?  Forgetaboutit!

Whether it’s cheese steaks or New York Strip steaks, our little island has some of the best eateries around. While there are far too many to list, here are some of our favorites in walking distance or a short drive:

  • The Dogtooth Bar & Grill
    A favorite with locals, the Dogtooth is open year round. They’re family-friendly and have some great ice-cold beers on tap. Try the volcano shrimp or eggplant timbales… mmm!
  • The Mudhen Brewery
    Owned by the same folks that own the Dogtooth Bar & Grill, the Mudhen opened its doors in 2018. Since then, it has become one of the hottest places to eat and drink in the Wildwoods. This family-friendly brewery offers a full range of alcoholic drinks and a great menu as well.
  • The Alumni Grill
    If you’re looking for a quick bite, but don’t want to scrimp on quality, The Alumni Grill is for you. Another local favorite, has a wide variety of classic (cheese steaks, burgers) and unique and creative food items.
  • Complete List
    Click the link above for a more complete list of nearby restaurants and bars (77 of them, last count).
  • Deliveries
    For most (all?) of the restaurants and eateries that deliver to our resort. Perfect after a busy day at the beach and boardwalk!


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North Wildwood Bar District

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